!cid_001601c8a0ee$d0b23660$1ba1e647@owner4f7reac3pCreator of this site Averill Hecht was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA., USA. He has a BPA from Florida International University in Miami, Florida, and obtained his MS in engineering from Penn State University at Harrisburg, PA in 1996. He worked as a Security Checkpoint Supervisor at Philadelphia International Airport from 1991 to 1996, when he was hired by USAir. While his education is in Public Administration and Traffic/Highway Engineering, he has a keen interest and knowledge in airport security. But, also an appreciation of the publics’ right to move about freely in public facilities, even in our post 9/11 world. He lives in the Philadelphia area with his mother, Ruth. The moderator would like to thank Harvey Hecht, an I.T. specialist in computers in Napa, CA. Without his expertise, and help, this site would never have been made possible! Harvey is also the Webmaster & tech for this site whenever there are problems of that nature. The moderator would also like to thank Ann Barbour from “inside the Beltway”, for her encouragement and support in starting this site! She is the Co-founder of this site. Ann was near the Pentagon when it was hit, and knows first-hand what is was like that sunny, pleasant day in September, and relayed the horror to me in graphic detail and showed me the now repaired destroyed area. It’s something no one who was not near any of the affected areas could ever really imagine! E41A0216 The author with Marie Scholz, a close personal friend, while waiting to board her flight back home in Frankford, Germany.  How nice I can see her off at the gate.  Don’t you wish you could see your friends and loved ones off like this once again?  It’s in your hands!  Write letters, ask for those gate passes, stop the TSA from taking away your rights.  

And here’s one of my brother, this site’s web master, seeing me off at the gate at SFO.  Got him through with a gate pass.  Are any of you jealous that I can do this because I work for an airline and you don’t?  Well you should be.  This is why “ticketed passengers only” must be ended.  So everyone has the same right to see off or meet friends and loved ones at the gate.  Why should only a select few, like me, have this right!?


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